How Sugar Hill Got Its Name

According to Sugar Hill Council Member Taylor Anderson, legend has it that “Sugar Hill” got its name from a couple of different old wive's tales – one of which, that’s portrayed around the city more so than the other.

"The name Sugar Hill, there were origins of the name and many stories that go along with it but two of them the most popular. The one where a wagon that was carrying sugar, most likely for the stills of the moonshine that was popular along the Chattahoochee river at the time, was carrying sugar up a hill when the wheel broke and the sugar spilled off the wagon and that’s when the city became known as Sugar Hill,” Anderson said. “The other story relates back to the city’s gold mining days. This area was very active with gold mines and quartz was a very prevalent rock at the time inside of those mines. So, when they were mining the gold out of those gold mines, the quartz would flake off and it had a very ‘sugary’ type of look and feel to it. It could have been one of those two stories, but that’s where the name Sugar Hill comes from.”

Since becoming established in 1939, Sugar Hill has faced some hardships, but none that disrupted the quaint city for too long.

Anderson said in 2001, an increase in natural gas prices which was unreasonable to the cost of gas outside of Sugar Hill’s limits caused residents to form “The Committee to Dissolve Sugar Hill” – a petition that had over 1,600 residents’ signatures calling for a referendum to abolish the gas utility and the city itself.

“In 2001 there was an effort by some folks in the city to actually dissolve the city, that effort that went to the state Legislature did ultimately not go through of course because we’re here today but that effort I think re-engaged the citizens and made us become a stronger city as a result,” he said. “You can see those efforts today.”

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